Pain Gone In Seconds Book

The Science of Energy Healing And The End Of Human Suffering

«An exemplary work in the context of integratIve medicine…» – Dr. José Pinto da Costa, M.D.


The most rational guide on Energy and Mental Healing and the advances of non-invasive therapies, Pain Gone In Seconds explains – in accessible and profound ways – the principles of what we are really made of, and how we work. This understanding allows for the manifestation of seeming miracles in the relief and long-lasting resolution of physical and emotional symptoms quickly and effectively. This book not only explains the concepts that make this possible, but also demonstrates them, describing several cases of effective and lasting relief of physical, emotional and mental symptoms in patients, from chronic pains, to trauma, to deep fears and phobias.

With a clear writing style and practical exercises that you can do at home, this book takes the reader on a fascinating journey, through a world much forgotten and forsaken by modern Western society, but alive in countless philosophical and mystical currents from around the world.

Integrating evidence from Quantum Physics, Medicine, Psychology, Physiology, Biology and daily ordinary life, this book explores a completely new vision of ourselves and the world around us, one solidly based on scientific evidences, showing us how we actually function as a type of programmable electronic machine, with a very sophisticated inner computer. You can be sure that you will never look at the Universe and your own body in the same way again.

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